City Regions Conference “Positioning of Urban Regions in European Strategies"







"Making Europe Open and Polycentric is the most coherent territorial strategy supporting the economic growth and competitiveness, social cohesion and sustainability goals promoted by the Europe 2020 and the Territorial Agenda 2020 for the coming decades. Openness to the rest of the world and to the Neighbouring countries is a necessary condition for all European cities and regions to take advantage of the development opportunities created by global growth and technologic progress. Polycentricity across cities and regional is necessary to spread development opportunities across European cities and regions, making development more resilient and diversified, further diminishing economic gaps, and differences of welfare conditions.

"Making Europe Open and Polycentric" has been elaborated in a participatory process involving all 31 countries in the ESPON Monitoring Committee, the European Parliament (REGI), the Committee of the Regions (COTER), the European Commission (DG Regional and Urban Policy), related European organisations, stakeholders and experts.



European parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism Public Hearing: "Transport accessibility and connectivity in Central and Eastern Europe" , Brussels 02 December 2014

Hearing on Transport accessibility and connectivity in Central and Eastern Europe

The TRAN Committee held a hearing in the afternoon on 02.12.14. Nine speakers have been invited representing various stakeholders to discuss the connectivity of Central and Eastern Europe and to propose ideas for possible improvements.

Jacek Szlachta was invited as speaker to present Teritorial acesibilty in light of the ESPON ET2050 project

 Hearing Programme
 Territorial accessibility in light of the ESPON ET2050 project 


Belgian event Territorial scenarios and Vision: towards EU 2050, Brussels 9 Oct 2014

City Regions Conference “Positioning of Urban Regions in European Strategies"

The event was hold on the Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (MRBC) on 9 October 2014. ET2050 was delivering an impressive amount of results from 4 scenarios, a baseline and 3 exploratory scenarios, with different time horizons (2030, 2050) and several alternatives and variants, using different models, qualitative and quantitative. The project was also developing with stakeholders a territorial vision illustrating a desirable future for the European territory, and potential pathways to implement strategies towards this aim.

 For further information about the event, visit the Espon on the road website


City Regions Conference “Positioning of Urban Regions in European Strategies", Dresden 24 September 2014

City Regions Conference “Positioning of Urban Regions in European Strategies"



Since 2012 the urban regions of Halle/Leipzig, Wrocław, Prague, Graz and Torino exchange on possibilities for better cooperation of metropolitan cities with their urban hinterland. On 24.09.2014 the partners discussed with the interested public, how to use European strategies and European policies to achieve the joint goals.

Andreu Ulied was invited as key note to present the Scenarios and Vision, and discuss them with participants. 

 Making Europe Open and Polycentric
 Conference Program


ESPON workshop "Scenarios and modelling in the framework of exploring Territorial Cohesion" Brussels 4 September 2014 


The ESPON Programme organises on Thursday 4 September 2014 a workshop on “Scenarios and modelling in the framework of exploring Territorial Cohesion”. The workshop will take place in Brussels. The aim of this workshop is to provide for dialogue and exchange of experiences between modellers involved in scenarios linked to cohesion policy. Discussions are planned on the reasons behind the similarities and differences between the results of the different regional models that exist at EU level for assessing the impact of Cohesion Policy. 

  Registration Form
  Registration Form


ESPON Internal Seminar & MC Meeting 4-5 June 2014 Nafplion, Greece


The Open Seminar "Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion: Blue Growth and Urban Poverty" is organised in cooperation with the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme.

 Download "Insights from ET2050 project on deep-sea shipping" 
 Download " Europe Open and Polycentric"


TU Dortmund University's lecture: "European Spatial Planning and Planning Systems in Europe" by Michael Wegener, Dortmund 12 May 2014


The guest lecture was part of the lecture series "European Spatial Planning and Planning Systems in Europe" (Professor Dr. Karsten Zimmermann) at the Faculty of Spatial Planning of TU Dortmund University on 12 May 2014.

 Download "European Spatial Planning and Planning Systems in Europe" / (download pdf)


METREX Conference: "Planning and sustainability in a time of financial crisis", Leipzig 14-16 May 2014


The METREX Central Germany Spring 2014 Conference on the themes of: "Planning and sustainability in a time of financial crisis", was hosted by the Central German Metropolregion.

Andreu Ulied was invited to present the Scenarios and Vision, and discuss them with participants. Roger Read also presented a preliminary version of METREX contribution to the exercise.

 Making Europe Open and Polycentric
 Making Europe Open and Polycentric (extended version)
 Conference Proceedings


Conference “Making the European Territory Open and Polycentric", Brussels, 29 April 2014” 


The Conference presented striking findings on a baseline scenario and territorial exploratory scenarios for Europe in 2030 and 2050. A draft version of a Territorial Vision for Europe in 2050 and possible pathways towards this Vision was introduced and discussed in panel debates.

The debates involved European Institutions and Committees, Member States and European organizations of regions and cities active in European territorial development. 

Materials of the Meeting


ENECON Conference: "Challenges and opportunities for territorial development and cohesion in a North European macro-region", Vilnius,10-11 April 2014


The final conference of the ENECON project Challenges and opportunities for territorial development and cohesion in a North European macro-region, was held on 10-11 of April in Vilnius.

A selection of ESPON findings were presented, in particular from projects which are considered relevant for policy-making in a North European context

 Download the Conference Programme
 Download "An outlook on the Baltic Sea Region" by Alexandre Dubois


ET2050 Brainstorming Meeting on Vision and Pathways, 26 March 2014, House of Catalonia, Brussels


On March 26th, it was held a brainstorming meeting on Vision and Pathways between ET2050 and ESPON CU representatives.

Materials of the Meeting


Meeting in the European Parliament with Mrs. Hubner, 18 February 2014


On February 18th, ET2050 and ESPON CU representatives met Mrs. Danuta Huebner at the EU Parliament to discuss elements of the Territorial Vision currently being drafted by the preject team.

Mrs. Danuta Huebner is Member of the European Parliament and chairs the REGI Committee.

Materials of the Meeting


COTER, Brussels, 19th February 2014


On February 19th afternoon, it has been organised a meeting between ET2050 and ESPON CU representatives and the COTER Commission at the CoR (Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy).

Materials of the Meeting


ET2050 TPG Meeting 18-19th February 2014 in Brussels


A TPG meeting was held from Tuesday 18th 3:00pm approx. until 6:30pm, and Wednesday 19th morning from 9:00am until approx. lunchtime. At least one representative from each team attended.

Materials of the Meeting 


ESPON Internal Seminar & MC Meeting 3-5 December 2013 in Vilnius



This year’s internal seminar in Vilnius will discuss the outputs delivered by ESPON 2013, and explore long-term perspectives and demands for future European territorial evidence in the light of the recent proposals to improve EU Cohesion Policy in the period 2014-2020 as well as in relation to the Territorial Agenda 2020.

The purpose of the event is to stimulate an open dialogue between members of the ESPON Monitoring Committee, representatives of the ECP network, stakeholders from Targeted Analyses, researchers and experts involved in applied territorial research and analyses. The internal seminar provides a unique opportunity to strengthen networking and generates an equally important opportunity for an in-depth discussion on options for using the ESPON knowledge base to support territories, regions and cities in the implementation of future cohesion policy.

Materials of the Meeting


ESPON Workshop "Territorial Vision for Europe towards 2050" in Brussels, 11 October 2013

BRU oct2013_Vision_Stakeholders


The workshop starts presenting scenarios and striking results for Europe in 2030 and 2050. Several prospective documents at European and global level as well as inputs from stakeholders already received, will add to the evidence base for a first version of a Territorial Vision for Europe towards 2050. This draft vision will be presented for discussion. Parallel workshop sessions in different groups of stakeholders will nourish the discussion of the draft Territorial Vision 2050 and gather input from all attendees for its further elaboration.

 Download Draft Agenda


Materials of the Meeting


ET2050 Meeting with Mr. Dijkstra (DGREGIO), in Brussels, 10 October 2013


After the webinar offered by Lewis Dijkstra the 4th October 2013 on the 8th Progress Report on Cohesion, Lewis met Andreu Ulied at his office in Brussels and continue the discussion on regional development patterns and possible reforms for the Cohesion policies in the coming decade, up to 2030



COTER, Marek Wozniak, Brussels, 9th October 2013

BRU oct2013_CoR_Wozniak

The meeting is planned as a preparation for the 11th October workshop. An updated synthesis of ET2050 results will be presented with Mr. Wozniak, and the political implications for Cohesion policies discussed.


ET2050 TPG and Sounding Board Meeting, Barcelona, 25th - 26th September 2013

ET2050 Barcelona meeting Sept13
ET2050 Barcelona meeting Sept13

The TPG meeting main goal is planning the latest steps of the project towards the Draft Final Report to be presented in February 2013. Results from SASI and METRONAMICA 2030-2050 scenarios will be presented and discussed, as well as the Draft European Vision for 2050.

Discussion with Mr. Patrick Salez and Mr. Peter Schön, Sounding Board members of ET2050 ESPON, on the results of ET2050 and future development plans.


Materials of the Meeting

European Parliament, REGI Agenda for the 24th of September

ESPON “European Territory towards 2050” has been included in the REGI Agenda for the 24th of September between 9:00-10:00. Starting with a general presentation of ESPON activities, a presentation of the "European Territory 2050" project will follow in 20-25 minutes, and a discussion with the Members.


Workshop at the European Commission, in Brussels, 25 June 2013

EC j13

Workshop at the European Commission's Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (INFOREGIO) chaired by Mr. Wladyslaw Piskorz and organised by Prof. J. Szlachta (WSE)

Materials of the Meeting



Workshop at the European Parliament, in Brussels, 25 June 2013

European Parliament June 2013

Workshop at the European Parliament's Regional Development Committee (REGI) chaired by Mrs. D. Huebner and organised by Prof. J. Szlachta (WSE)

Materials of the Meeting


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