Aim of ET2050

ET2050 aim is supporting policy makers in formulating a long-term integrated and coherent vision for the development of the EU territory. 

This aim is twofold: content-wise, a product, namely a vision for the European Territory, has to be developed; and process-wise, those who will elaborate this product, namely policy makers, have to be supported by sound scientific knowledge. As is often the case in territorial development policy, the process is essential to achieve a successful result. This process is complex, since it entails involving a wide array of key-players, inviting them to widen their thematic, temporal and territorial horizons, i.e. to imagine a future that deliberately transcends sector-based, short-term and domestic policy considerations towards the definition of the European Territorial Vision. The “smart, sustainable and inclusive” policy-aims included in the above mission-statement of the project paraphrase the EU 2020 strategy.

Through the participatory process, that will be customised according to the characteristics of the different groups of stakeholders identified in the project specifications, the required steps towards the European Territorial visions will be:

  • Present State of Europe: What is the current state of the European territorial structure?
  • Baseline Scenarios for 2030 and 2050: What will be the future state of the European territorial structure based on the hypothesis that development trends and policies remain stable?
  • Extreme/exploratory Scenarios 2050: What can be feasible future states of the European territorial structure in three territorially extreme/exploratory scenarios?
  • European Territorial Vision 2050: What is the room for manoeuvre to politically steer (the development of) the future state of the European territorial structure and what is the range in which a realistic territorial vision can be formulated?
  • Midterm targets and pathways 2010-2030: What could be sensible midterm targets in order to steer territorial development into the direction of the desired long-term vision? And what policy actions and interventions are required to meet these midterm targets?

Different from other ESPON projects, mostly expert-driven, this project will also be policy-driven. The main stakeholders to join the participatory process, together with European and National policy-makers and policy-analysts, will be other policy-makers (from different sectors, from local and regional institutions…), private associations, research institutes and business companies, as well as independent experts on many fields.







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