Visions in Maps

EUROMETREX Vision, Framework and Action Plan

This section contains images representing EUROMETREX Vision, Framework and Action Plan  

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The Netherlands of 2040

This section contains images representing The Netherlands of 2040  

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La France de 2040

This section contains images representing La France of 2040  

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Aménager la France de 2020 - Quelles images pour la France?

"L'archipel éclaté", "Le centralisme rénové", "Le local différencié", "Le polycentrisme maillé" scénarios 

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METREX Hypothesis

This section contains images representing METREX project Hypothesis

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Baltic Scenarios

This section contains images representing Baltic Scenarios  

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SPESP Spatial Visions

Visualising Spatial Visions of Europe 

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SPESP Infographic Group

Visualising European Spatial Policies 

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ESPON 3.2 Scenarios

Trend, Competitiveness-Oriented and Cohesion--Oriented Scenarios maps

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Territorial macro-Regions

This section contains images representing sevaral functional macro-regions in Europe  

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Les Territoires du Futur

Six images contrastées d'aménagement du territoire 

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European Vision according to Spanish Press

Map appeared in La Vanguardia newspaper the 15th of April of 2012

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How does the EU spend its budget

Where does the European Union get its money from‚ and how does it spend it? With an annual budget of over €122bn, the EU is an economic power in its own right. So, how do those finances break down? This latest detailed data - from 2010 - shows where the hard cash goes - and where it flows from.

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European Stereotypes by the arstist Yanko Tsvetkov

The Mapping Stereotypes project is the work of Yanko Tsvetkov, a graphic artist who also goes by the name Alphadesigner. Tsvetkov has lived all over Europe, but back in 2009 when he got the idea to produce maps charting prevailing stereotypes, he was still in his native Bulgaria

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Atlantropa was a gigantic engineering and colonization project devised by Herman Sörgel. Its central feature was a hydroelectric dam to be built across the Strait of Gibraltar, which would have led to the lowering of the surface of the Mediterranean Sea by up to 200 metres

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The ET2050 Territorial Vision in Maps...

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Saskia Sassen:
The Future ahead

Immanuel Wallerstein:
On the end of Capitalism

Slavoj Žižek:
Are we living in the end times?

Ray Kurzweil:
The Singularity Point

Jeremy Rifkin:
The third industrial revolution

James Lovelock:
Apocalysis, soon

Noemi Klein:
Living disaster capitalism

Jane Jacobs:
Dark Age Ahead

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Synthesis of Results

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Four Scenarios for low-income countries in a climate-changing world

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L’Europe – aménager les territoires

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