ESPON Internal Seminar & MC Meeting 12-14 June 2013 in Dublin

The ESPON Internal Seminar – “Territorial co-operation for growth and jobs” took place on 13-14 June 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. It was organised in cooperation with the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme.


Materials of the Meeting


Meeting to Design Future Participatory Activities

Meeting with Peter Mehlby (ESPON CU), Valérie Biot (IGEAT), Jacek Szachta (SGH) and Andreu Ulied (MCRIT) to agree the orientation of the Participatory Plan on the final stage of the ET2050 project

ESPON MC Policy Oriented Workshop, Luxembourg 14 March 2013

Roberta Capello (Politecnico di Milano) and Andreu Ulied (MCRIT) will present and discuss with the ESPON Monitoring Committee Members the first results of the Baseline and the Exploratory Scenarios. Luxembourg, on the 14th of March 2013.

Materials of the Meeting


Meeting in the European Parliament with Mrs. Hubner, Jacek Szlachta, Peter Melhbye, Andreu Ulied, and Valérie Biot. in Brussels, 26 February 2013



Ms Huebner had a meeting with Mr Peter Mehlbye, Director of the Coordination Unit for ESPON Programme, Mr Andreu Ulied, MCRIT, Team leader of the European Territory 2050, and Ms Valerie Biot and Mr Jacek Szlachta, members of the research team of the European Territory 2050 project. In this second bilateral meeting with ESPON/European Territory 2013 project participated also: Ms Dagmara Stoerring from REGI Secretariat and Ms Malgosia Kucinska

Representatives presented the current information on European Territory 2050 project concerning: draft vision, scenarios and the participatory process envisaged for that project. The objective of the project is supporting policy members, in particular ESPON Monitoring Committee in formulating a long-term integrated and coherent territorial vision for the development of the EU territory. After 2-nd Interim Report will be approved it will be provided to Ms Huebner no later than May 2013.

Materials of the Meeting


ET2050 Workshop of Modelers in Milan, 7-8 of February 2013


Two working days in Milan to analyse modelling activities up to date, and to plan and organise the modelling sequence of ET2050, to finalise the Baseline and implement the Scenarios during the next months. Modeling activities are planned to last until April 2013. The workshop will take place in Politecnico di Milano, via Giuseppe Colombo 40 (see link for further practical issues).

Materials of the Meeting


ESPON Internal Seminar & MC Meeting 4-6 December 2012 in Paphos

The ESPON Internal Seminar – “Territorial Development Opportunities in Europe and its Neighbourhood to Foster Global Competitiveness” takes place on 5-6 December 2012 in Paphos, Cyprus, It was organised in cooperation with the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme.


Materials of the Meeting


Territorial Development Challenges – Visions of Europe & Poland,
22-23 November 2012 in Warsaw, Poland


On 22-23 November in Warsaw the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland was held a debate on the future of European territory in a long term and global perspective, which was an opportunity to exchange views and good practice on conducting development policy.

 Download Conference Agenda

  Materials of the Meeting


ESPON MC Policy Workshop in Brussels, 28 September 2012

This second meeting with the MC of ESPON was focussed on the in depth exchange of views about the nature and guiding paradigms of the ET2050 Vision, and concerning the possible evolution of EU territorial governance, cohesion policy and other EU policies with a territorial impact in Europe. The input of the workshop was fine tune the baseline scenario 2030 - 2050 storyline, and provided input to exploratory scenarios as well .This workshop is part of the activities aimed to involve the ESPON MC Committee in the preparation of an European Territorial Vision, in the framework of the ESPON project ET2050. 

  Materials of the Meeting



ET2050 Joint INTERACT - ESPON event in Luxembourg, 25 September 2012



Andreu Ulied (ET2050 Lead Partner) was invited to participate in the INTERACT ESPON event. The aims set for the event were the following ones:

To discuss what the three main EU 2020 objectives imply, their territorial dimension and where territorial cooperation programmes have the best potential to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. To collect ideas and discuss ways how ETC programmes would ensure shift towards more strategic and focused performance. To identify which evidence is required for informed programme development and implementation. The ideal outcome of the seminar would be collection of ETC specific result examples and indication of data sets required for measuring the achievements of the ETC programmes.

 Workshop agenda
 ESPON Territorial Indicators
 ETC Programme-Project Intervention Logic
 CSF Inputs
 ETC Core Output Indicators INTERACT Proposal
 Draft Conclusions Capture Exercise


Steering Committee Meeting in Brussels, 19 September 2012

The meeting takes place at the Ministry of Brussels-Capital Region (on top of the North Rail-way station), from 9:00 h to 18:00 h. The paramount goals of the meeting are discussing exploratory scenarios 2030-2050, and the modelling process, as well as the revision of the Interim Report according to Sounding Boad and ESPON CU remarks.

The 18th September at 18:00 h (La morte subite) and at 19:30 h (Taverne passage, Galérie de la Reine) open informal meetings are suggested to participants. 

  Materials of the Meeting




Danuta Hübner, chair of Regional Committee at the European Parliament and former European Commissioner for Regional Policy, meets Peter Mehlby(ESPON Director), Jacek Szlachta (SGH, ET2050 partner) and Andreu Ulied (MCRIT, ET2050 Lead Partner)  at the European Parliament 18-09-2012


Professor Danuta Hübner is a Polish economist, academic, and policy maker. She served as European Commissioner for Regional Policy from 22 November 2004 until 4 July 2009, when she resigned to become a Member of European Parliament for the Civic Platform. She is the Chair of the Regional Development Committee, and also works in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Special Committee on the Financial, Economic and Social Crisis. 

 About Danuta Hübner
 Download The achievements of Europe's regional policy, 2004-2009
 Download the Reflection paper on future Cohesion Policy
 Download the Text for the Brussels Business Forum



MC Meeting 12th June & ESPON Open Seminar 13-14 June in Aalborg. 

Aalborg Map

ESPON MC meeting was held on the 12th of June, and the ESPON Open Seminar on the 13th and 14th. ET2050 contributed to the scientific sessions presenting Baseline and Exploratory Scenarios under discussion, as well as was briefly updating ESPON MC members on the project evolution, advancing a detailed proposal for the discussion activities planned for the ESPON MC meeting in September 2012.

 Download ESPON Seminar programme
 Download ESPON Seminar practical information
 Download Aalborg Bus Schedule

 Materials of the Meeting



March 19th TPG Meeting & March 20th Steering Committee Meeting in Brussels

Brussels Map

The ET2050 TPG Meeting has been fixed for the 19th March from aprox. 10:00 to 18:30 in Brussels. The meeting with ET2050 Sounding Board and the ESPON Cu wasl celebrated on the 20 March from 9:00 to 13:00. An additional meeting for the ET2050 Steering committee is planned in the afternoon of the 20 March from 14:00 to 18:30. The meetings were take place in Brussels, on top of the North Railway station, in the Ministry of Brussels-Capital Region. 

 Materials of the Meeting



ESPON Internal Seminar 29-30 November & MC Meeting December 1st in Kraków

Krakow Espon_Andreu

The ESPON Internal Seminar – Evidence-based Cohesion Policy: Territorial Dimensions has been held on 29-30 November 2011 in Kraków, Poland, It was organised in cooperation with the Polish Presidency of the European Union within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme.

 Download ESPON Seminar programme
 Download ESPON Seminar practical information


 Materials of the Meeting


19th to 21th October in Barcelona, Internal Kick-off Meeting


The Internal Kick-off Meeting has been celebrated in Barcelona, from Wednesday October 19th at 15h00, until Friday October 21st at 14h00. The objectIve of the meeting has been the setting up of a common understanding of  the project goals, as well as working plans, and the discussion of organisational issues within the consortium and with the ESPON CU. The meeting has been hosted by MCRIT in the Barcelona's Olympic Villa. 


 Results of the Meeting

September 28th, Official Kick-off Meeting with ESPON CU, in Luxembourg


The Official Kick-off Meeting has been fixed for the 28th September afternoon in Luxembourg. The meeting followed the agenda prepared by Sara Ferrara and Marjan van Herwijnen from ESPON CU. The object of the meeting is to discuss the framework and approach of the project with ESPON CU, as well as to discuss administrative details and coordination precedures between the consortium and them. The presence of ET2050 task lead partners was required in the meeting (MCRIT, ULB, TERSYN and Politecnico Milano) but all partners willing to come were welcomed. The meeting was celebrated at the ESPON Coordination Unit in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) on the afternoon of Wednesday September 28th. An internal morning meeting was arranged on the 29th until lunch time to discuss the outcomes of the meeting.

 Download meeting agenda



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